This is really my favourite time of year! I’m truly a Winter baby. Layers, hot drinks and of course the gorgeous seasonal colours. I also love during that perfect weather this time of year, I love the outdoors during Autumn/ Winter.

I’m so lucky that as I live on the top floor of our apartment complex, I have a gorgeous view outside my window & balcony. I also look out onto a canal and gorgeous old aqueduct and a bit of woodland. Watching this rare bit of nature within the city centre change as we moved into winter makes for a pretty nice view. And, of course, a gorgeous bit of Instagram inspo…


There are so many festive, seasonal things happening this time of year, loads of excuses to throw on your Winter coat and go outside. Not sure what you want to do? Well get wrapped up and come on a journey with me…

First, there is nothing like going on a country walk. Go to your local park, canal or even woodland. Something to get you outside and enjoying the fresh air. Take a friend and go for a chat. If you have a dog, even better. Or go for an Instagram walk and stock up on some #autumnvibes on your feed.

Another is, of course, the humble art of pumpkin picking. I’m so lucky to live nearby a living farm that throws a pumpkin festival every year. You will still have this weekend to get your pumpkins in time for Halloween. And remember, a pumpkin can last a lot longer than just the end of October. I might have ours up until mid- November. If you don’t have a pumpkin farm nearby, then any type of picking is worth it (anyone taken a look at Sir Patrick Stewart’s legendary photo this week?) Try apple picking, sloe picking, blackberry picking. Take your try at any seasonal fruit. Trust me, you will enjoy yourself.

Do not forget to go to a festive market when they come about. There’s nothing better than walking through the stalls when it’s a little cold, with a warm drink in hand, taking in the magic. In fact, any corny seasonal enjoyment (lights or trees being switched on, ice skating) is worth giving a go.

Finally, the big event that comes up at the beginning of November- Bonfire Night! What is there not to love about Bonfire Night? The massive bonfire, fireworks, warm drinks, sparklers. Any adult that attends a Bonfire Night has their inner child come out for the evening. I absolutely adore the tradition that is Bonfire Night, that’s totally unique to us here in England.

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