There is nothing better to look forward to after a hard day’s of work than going home, chucking on the heating and curling up on the sofa with a good boxset….

Though for me, it’s curling up on my bed with my laptop and a good bowl of popcorn. Currently, our TV is on the brink so sometimes we are lucky and sometimes it’s a no-show. We’re hoping to get a new tv soon, and I’ve got my eye on going modern. We’ve always had small, old-fashion looking TVs and this could be the year that we treat ourselves to a brand new modern TV. I love the look of the new¬†Panasonic HDR 4K TV, it’s sleek, stylish and has a beautiful big display. Perfect for watching Sex & The City on repeat (hint, hint Lee…)

Back from dreamland, as the evenings get colder and darker, I look more and more forward to getting home and relaxing in my home. Whilst I had spoken about in a previous post of reading more in the evenings, if I am on my own, I tend to put on a TV show that I’ve watched¬†previously, background noise whilst I start dinner or work on a blog post (want to guess what’s on right now as I write this?)

But then there are times when I just love lounging on my sofa with a good snack and watching a tv series on look until Netflix gets concern as to why I’ve not moved in four hours. What’s not to love about a lazy day? Whilst I love discovering new tv series, the oldie but goodies of previous boxsets are great to go back to and rewatch.


The Must Watch List

So, what are my top five TV Shows/ Boxsets to watch?

For drama, you cannot go wrong with Game of Thrones. I mean, we have two years until the last season (bring it back sooner!! I’m not really that bothered about seeing a real Winter), so we might as well use this time indoors to catch up and relive all those moments. Though probably can skip The Red Wedding bit. For an oldie but goodie, you cannot go wrong with Arrested Development, so hilarious and brilliantly written. I’ve still not seen the most recent revamped season, so that’s something for me to catch up on! In the same familiarity category, Gilmore Girls is something that I can throw on and watch from beginning to end. I adore Lorelei and Rory and Emily is just a goddess!

For something a little more modern, Suits has a great cast, great style and is amazing to watch. It’s the millennial version of Ally McBeal (which I was obsessed over when I was young), just so much smoother and sleeker! For a little bit of mystery, I’ve heard great things about This Is Us. It’s something that Lee and I want to watch together and will be getting on to making this our TV series (I promise not to watch ahead like I did with House of Cards…)

God, there is so much good TV to what, I cannot wait to get snuggled up on my sofa with my *fingers crossed* new TV. I’m thinking of asking Santa for an extra special Christmas present this year…

What are your favourite TV series/ Boxsets to watch in the evenings?



This post features an advertorial from Panasonic