This is the second instalment of the polaroid series…

I started this series in January with polaroids of from December (read the post here) and it got such a positive response I decided to keep going with it. This time I have many more pictures and though some have gone a little wrong, it was a learning curve that I was happy to go on. 
Without further waiting, here is January roundup on polaroid film…

The squad on NYE | Temporary bar cart | 
Cards Against Humanity that had us in stitches | Ringing in the New Year in style. 

Finding my wedding shoes (post here) | my constant pile of doom in my bedroom |
Coffee date with the Blog Squad | Easy porridge recipe photoshoot (post here)

Weekend photoshoot & not boob grabbing by Ally on Lucinda | 
A blog brunch with the girls (post here) |
Some delicious cocktails during a blogging event (post here) | 
One of the best pictures I have taken but it don’t come out as well on polaroid

Pretty plants in one of my favourite brunch spots |
Another brunch date with the Blog Squad (post here) |
A birthday card from the fiancé for the blogs bday | Style post photoshoot (post here