I finally found my wedding shoes!

I wasn’t even looking, just shopping with the girls and gravity (we will blame it on that) drew us into Harvey Nichols in Leeds. Shopping in the sale section they were right there, perfect looking. Love at first sight. 
I have never invested in designer shoes. I have a few designer bags (like two- one purchased and one gifted) no designer clothes (someday) and oh course no designer shoes. I am a girl who has dreamed of making these type of purchases since I flipped through my first vogue and I knew that my first pair of designer shoes were going to be special. 
I never thought I would buy them for my wedding. Well at least not my first pair. But it seems very fitting and it was one of those purchases that I couldn’t turn away from. With two very enthusiastic ladies encouraging me every step of the way (thank you Laura and Lucinda for helping make my mind up) I utter the words ‘I’ll take them’ and that was that. 
The best thing was they were in the sale. From £500 to £100. Which was the perfect excuse to buy them- I was practically saving pennies. Like they gave me the money back to save (for more stuff on the wedding). 
I am not going to show you them, other than a sneak peak of the heel. I am doing a wedding month where you will be able to see them in all their glory. The purchase is not the last in my dream to having a beautiful designer wardrobe but the collection will not be happening any time soon. I have a few other things I wanna get before but I promise you, the minute I start you will be coming along on the journey with me.