A blogger’s day never ends!

This is very much true for a lifestyle blogger. Whilst my friends do joke that my phone never leaves my hand (and I got a very real life check at THAT first episode of Black Mirror on Netflix- too, too freaky!), it’s all in the job! To be fair, it’s not even a job, I bloody love doing all the social media side of blogging. 
I spend FAR too much time on my phone- in fact within writing this post, I have picked it up at least three times! My phone has become my virtual personal assistant, helping me with my to- do list, where I am meant to be going, keeping in touch with everyone, etc…
With this in mind, whilst there are a lot of Apps you could have on your phone, here are my faves to help me do my blogging thing: 
Thanks to my fellow blogger friend Laura, I fell in love with this App. So much so, I am considering paying monthly for the option to allow me to schedule even more photos! The App is so lovely and user friendly, simply upload your photos you want to put on your Instagram theme (you need to edit them prior to uploading to the App) and play around with them to get your ultimate theme. You can upload 30 photos within a month on the free version, so as a serious Instagram- holic I need more! Perfect way to see how your theme will look but also allowing you to schedule your photos. Just plan what time you wish to upload and poof! A notification lets you know what time its ready to go up. There is a calendar section- if you are like me you are going to die with love! 
Now I know this is not an app you can download (unless you accidentally deleted when creating space for photo taking in the new update), but I live by my calendar on my phone. Since getting a MacBook Air, the calendar on the MacBook and phone now sync so there’s no double uploading (genius!) I can colour co- ordinate the events (personal, work, blogging) so I know what is related to what. I get updates as to when to leave, maps to where the place actually is. Again, genius. 
I have found that with scheduling social media Apps for when posts go up, you are either loving Hootsuite or Buffer. I like Buffer, it links my blogs Facbook page and Twitter onto one app. I can set four times I like to regally upload posts to these platforms and has a built in URL shortener into the App. You can see what’s schedule and change and adapt as when you need to. This means I do not have to worry about with posts are going up and then my more impromptu tweets are more organic and natural. A must have for a blogger on the go! 
This is such a luxury, but I love fresh flowers and I am happy to invest in this to make my house look so much prettier. With one click of a button, I have flowers being delivered to me and as the box fits through my letterbox, I do not need to worry about being in to receive them. Perfect accessory for an up and coming post. Also, need a last minute quick present to send someone? This App is perfect for sending flowers to people, you mum, aunt, best friend or grandma. They don’t need to be in to receive them and imagine their face when they get home and find a box of beautiful flowers on the floor! 
The ultimate photo editing App. I hate the new update and before this was how I worked out my grid (before they updated- grrr!) however, their filters are beyond a dream! So many choices, to suit your needs! I will have to do an updated editing Instagram photos post once I have perfected it. For now, go wild with this my beauties, you will spend many a fun hour editing your photos to dream perfection! 
Have you tried any of these Apps? Are there any you recommend for bloggers?