I am starting a new monthly series on the blog!

I have wanted to do something monthly to do with pictures and photography for ages but I wanted do something original and different. There are so many amazing bloggers who do posts with real film rather than digital pictures, again not wanting to seem to copy anyone’s post ideas. 
Then the idea popped into my head. 
I got my Instax Mini 8 for Christmas 2015 and I haven’t really used it so now was the perfect excuse. The film is expensive, but I am excited to play with a different type of photography and also work and develop my skills.
So every month I will be doing a little post of all the pictures that I have taken throughout the month just to give a little peak of the things you might not see on my social media accounts or in posts. There aren’t many pictures for December as I literally decided on this series a few weeks ago, but hopefully you like the shots I got…

A little toast for Amy’s birthday | My Christmas tree.

Becca looking gorgeous for our work’s Christmas party | My new record player that I got for Christmas.
Me playing with my photography skills | My outfit for my work’s Christmas party.
Let me know what you think of my new series, what you like and what you want me to add or change. I really appreciate any feedback you guys can give me.