We may have two weeks left of 2016 but I am already getting organised for 2017…

I am very particular with my diary choices. I have particular needs and I am very fussy with my layout. Sorry, I am just really high maintenance. 
This year I was looking for something that was super Instagramable. My logic is that if it is pretty enough, I will have on me always and not forget to use it (like my last year’s dairy- which the page marker has been left on July. This was when I got fed up and moved to my phone.) Thank god for late night Instagram scrolling as I was actually struck goal when I spotted this diary. 
Dear Diary is a relatively new company– currently only selling two products. You can get their 2017 diaries in either pink or black. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed. 
The diaries come in the cutest packaging (I was too excited to break into the book to take a shot- so it will be a nice surprise for you) and the layout is just the cutest. Each month has a monthly overview at the front of the month and then your weeks are broken down over two pages. With each working day you can write down a top priority along with a mini tick list which I am going to use for daily tasks and blog posts that need to be completed for the day. You also get a section for goals for the week and a habit tracker- which I am mainly going to use for water drinking and going to the gym. 
At the front there is a bit for making a 2017 mood board (see here on their blog for inspiration). I am going to combine mine with a hobby that I wanna take up in the new year and put a monthly polaroid picture in their so I can look back on what’s been going on for 2017. 
The diary also has sections for challenging yourself for wellbeing, productivity and self- love. It is a little too much for me, but I like the idea of helping your to be more positive for the future and looking forward for the year. Every month has something different for the month (such as a tick list section for gifts in December- genius!) 
I am so excited to start using this and cannot wait to use it as props in many Instagram’s to come. I have really been thinking about my Instagram theme and the pictures I take, how I edit them so I am really hoping you will like them. 
Get yours now while you can! They are limited edition and you will be happy to order it now ready for the beginning of 2017.