This post is very close to my heart…

First things first, grab yourself a drink- cuppa tea, glass of wine, whatever floats your both and get yourself comfy; because this post is incredibly photo heavy. 

Now for the personal introduction to the post. You may remember two weeks ago I bombarded my Snapchat and Instagram with pictures of a gorgeous manor house, THAT roll top bath and me in a gorgeous navy blue dress (see the full outfit post here). Well it was all for a very special occasion.
Narrindar and I have been friends for seven years (do you feel old yet Ninny?) Officially my manager when I worked at a menswear retail store, we became solid friends quickly, mainly because we are just as nutty. Boy trouble on both our ends brought us together back then, but on 30 October the lack of it on her end is what brought us together again. Because this weekend in particular was all about celebrating her relationship, her and her partners love and them becoming one big family. 
Welcome to Ninny’s wedding. 

The venue was Stoke Rochford Hall in Grantham, Lincolnshire- a gorgeous manor house surrounded by vast rolling fields and gardens. You are literally in the middle of nowhere, so silent and peaceful. I cannot wait to show you the room we were in, but first let’s talk about the main event.
Our day started early, getting ready for wedding guest excellent. I felt totally honour when Narrindar asked me to take some pictures for her wedding officially, blogging is my hobby but for someone to give you a genuine comment about your work makes me feel so grateful. 

It was one of the happiest days so far this year for me, seeing your best friend get married is just an amazing feeling. I cannot tell you how happy and how beautiful she looked that day and I cannot to celebrate their one year with them. 
I loved the feel of the whole day, it was so family orientated and full of people who knew the couple so well. The place was just spectacular and the decor of the room where the wedding breakfast was just perfection. I also died when I saw the room where Ninny got married, it was so open, light and airy- my idea of the perfect place to say your vows.
Congratulations Mike and Narrindar. I hope you had a lovely day.