It’s my birthday soon! 

November is my birthday month and I couldn’t be happier being a winter baby. My birthday is always so much more festive (though the downside is being forgotten about for Christmas) and everything is so sparkly and cosy. 
My birthday party is this weekend and oh course I am going to be taking pictures to show you guys on the blog. My birthday is next Wednesday and I am hoping to do a lazy night in (another thing about my birthday, once in a while I share it with the Turkey eating US holiday that is also known as Thanks Giving)- mid week birthdays are a little boring. 
Birthday’s are all about that one individual, it’s their special day so you should make them feel like a princess or prince on their birthday. With this comes presents (which other than spending time with family and friends, is the best thing about birthdays. And cake. And champagne. Wait, let me think about this…) Now shopping for bloggers is a little difficult, you don’t know if they have already brought something for themselves or have been gifted with it. 
To help with this, these are a few things that I am lusting over right now that I would feel very grateful if I were to receive them on my birthday. 
What are you wanting for your birthday?